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This may be shocking for some of us today, but Jesus never asked anyone to believe in him. His consistent invitation to the first century people of Israel was just two simple words, “Follow me,” and his invitation to you and to me today is the same. He asks each of us if we are willing to be his disciples, to learn from him as we walk the roads of life together.

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guides imageThe spiritual disciplines are essential to being Jesus’ disciple. They are not just spiritual tasks; they help us engage the life of a disciple more deeply. BeingDisciples.com is designed to help us be more intentional about our practices, so we can stop doing discipleship and start being disciples. Here you will find resources focusing on specific disciplines. Each one has an article about its history and purpose as well as a guide to practicing it. I will continue to add new resources. If you would like to be notified when new disciplines are added, you can subscribe to the right.

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